Friday, March 15, 2013

My Ad Astra 2013 Schedule

Here's where I'll be and what I'll be doing/talking about during Ad Astra this year:


Right to Review - 7 pm Ellsemere East - Beverly Bambury (m), Adam Shaftoe, K.W. Ramsey

Readers have more outlets than ever before to voice their opinions about books and respond to texts on book sellers’ sites such as Amazon or social networking sites like GoodReads. Yet, like so many other things on the Internet, this is open to exploitation and the dilution of dialogue. What kinds of responsibilities do site owners, authors and readers have in negotiating these new critical environments?

Yay! Panel with Bev and Adam!
Serenity: 10 years Later - 8 pm Franklin - Serenity 10 years Later David Clink (m), Fiona Patton, K.W. Ramsey

It’s been a decade since Serenity flew into the sunset. How do the series and movie hold up? Is there hope we’ll see the browncoats again on the larger or small screen?  Come and celebrate 10 years of Firefly fandom.

Gassing about Firefly for an hour is guaranteed to be fun.


Swordplay! The Panel - 11 am Artic - K.W Ramsey and ?

Join our experts and discuss the myths and the truths about Eastern and Western Sword Play and sword-arts.

At this point I'm not sure who else will be up there with me. Chalk this one down as tentative at this point. If anything changes I'll make an announcement.
Books as Comfort Food  -  1 pm  - Ed Greenwood (m), adrienne everitt, Sandra Kasturi, Fiona Patton, K.W. Ramsey

Some books in our libraries just naturally soothe us. There are books we go to again and again to seek comfort and ease anxiety. Sometimes suffering a trauma will send you to a certain book- Let’s explore this phenomena and talk about what is really going on when we hide in a book.

Looks as if this one doesn't have a room assigned to it yet. No worries. It'll get figured out.

Writing High Fantasy - 10 am Ellsemere East - Marie Bilodeau (m), Catherine Fitzsimmons, K.W. Ramsey, Gregory A. Wilson

What makes an epic fantasy epic? What are the elements of high fantaty? With fantasy TV going mainstream is now that right time for you to focus on writing a fantasy novel? What are some should haves when writing fantasy? How about must avoid?

Okay, so this is this years "WTF how the heck did I end up on this one" panel. Last year it was a panel on book trailers. Oh well, I'm sure I'll have fun and contribute either way. Also I GET TO BE ON A PANEL WITH MARIE! Excuse me while I let out a manly squee.
Beyond Winterfell - 3 pm Beaufort East - David Clink (m), Chris Charabaruk, Sandra Kasturi, K.W. Ramsey

Song of Ice and Fire, Game of Thrones discussion panel. Would you serve on the wall, forsaking everything? Which house do you thing deserves the iron throne. How do you feel about HBO’s treatment of the series? Did you even know about the books before? Join other fans in exploring the world of George RR Martin

Another topic that's going to be fun gassing about. Fair warning though, since this is near the end of the con I may have gone completely silly.

And that's my schedule, as it is. Keep in mind Ad Astra is still a few weeks away and anything can change at this point.