Sunday, January 24, 2010

Vacation Time Inbound

So this upcoming week I'm going to head down to Cuba for vacation. Really looking forward to it. It has been many, many years since I last had a real vacation. I need it.

What this does mean? No writing for the next two weeks, what with the vacation prep and then the vacation itself. So, before I leave I should take stock of where I am so that when I come back I'll be ready to get right back into it.

I have one story still with the Tesseracts people. I have two more stories written to the second draft level that I'm waiting for feedback on. It seems at this point that all the people I rely on to give me feedback are buried under one hardship or another. I'm not complaining at all, for I understand what their going through and my needs in definitely come second. It may be a good idea to start looking for a local writer's group in order to get some feedback. I don't want to start posting them online as I want to try selling to traditional markets first, and if they're available online the chances of a sale drop off to zero very quickly.

Speaking of vacation, I'm thinking I'll hit some of the local sci-fi conventions this year. So far the plan is to go to Ad Astra, Polaris and SF Contario. We'll see what happens.

See ya in two weeks. :)

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