Friday, July 16, 2010

The Dork Review: Mission of Honor

Ok, I not going to number these things anymore, as it's become blindingly apparent to me that I'm not going to do them often enough to keep track. I really don't want to have to filter through months worth of posts in order to figure out what number I should be on. That being said, I really should start reviewing more of the books I'm reading and movies I'm seeing. Oh well, now on to the good bit.

Have you ever picked up and book and had trouble putting it down? That's what it was like for me with Mission of Honor by David Weber. I picked up the book last Saturday and just finished it tonight, and by the end of it you couldn't have pried me away with a crowbar. I was so desperate to know what was going to happen I even started reading at work between calls!

If you're a fan of the Honor Harrington series you'll probably already know what to expect. This book has the usual naval action and wholesale destruction we've come to expect. It also has some significant plot movement, with the "Oyster Bay" attack finally taking place and a few other significant events as well. I really did like the way the attack was handled, with so many different viewpoints provided, and the foreshadowing leading up to the attack was spot on.

For those who want to know more about the Mesan Alignment, a few more layers of the onion get peeled away and we get an idea of the core plan they've been following. It's interesting, Weber has been slowly revealing details over the last few books, and instead of seeming endless it's pushed me to read more and more so I can find out what is going on. That to me is the sign of an excellent storyteller, when you're hanging on every word wanting to know more.

Without a doubt I recommend this book. If you've heard of the series and are hesitant to pick it up since there are so many books in it, get your hands on one of the first printings of this hardcover. Baen includes a CD in each book with all of David Weber's previously published Baen books, so buy buying one book you'll have access to the whole series. Trust me, it's worth it.

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