Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Balaclava/Baklava Confusion

OK, so it has been freaking cold where I live, and I take the bus to work so most mornings I'm standing out in the cold waiting for it and after work I like to walk home. Naturally I did the smart thing and purchased the appropriate winter wear, known as a balaclava or a face-mask or ski-mask. I got it at a local army surplus store and it's all black with two eye holes and a mouth hole. I look like a terrorist wearing it, but it keeps me warm so who cares.

Problem is, I keep wanting to call it a baklava, which is a type of honey sweetened pastry. Each time I go to tell someone what I bought or what I'm wearing I have to stop and correct myself. I know I'm saying it wrong when I start, I know I'll have to stop and correct myself, yet it still comes out.

Have you ever had something like that happen to you?


  1. I've always found the balaclava/baklava similarity curious. Personally, I prefer baklava. For the taste.

    Just randomly found your blog when searcing "tesseracts 15" and got your first rejection post. (I submitted something, and wanted to find out their response time!) Did you end up submitting anything for 15?

  2. Hi Jessica!

    No, I didn't end up submitting for Tesseracts 15 as the theme was Young Adult and I really didn't have anything on the go or any ideas on my plate that I thought fit. Since I wasn't going to submit this year I decided to focus on writing a novel instead. The response time for Tesseracts 14 was a couple months. I wrote my rejection post on or really close to the date I received the rejection. I did get a chance to speak to both of the editors though, later in the year at Ad Astra and got some great feedback.

    How about your submission? What's it about?