Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My AdAstra Schedule... Wait. What?

So it seems I'm going to be on a few panels at this years AdAstra convention. How did this happen you might ask? I responded to a twitter comment from @AdAstraSociety thinking I was saying I'd love to attend a panel about Apple products and such when what I was actually saying was that I'd like to be a part of said panel. Yay for miscommunication! (Entirely my fault by the way.)

Oh well, in for a penny in for a pound as the saying goes. After signing up for one panel the lovely convention people sent me a list of others and asked if I'd like to be on a few additional, and being the glutton for punishment I am I found some that I thought I could contribute to. Here's the list:

  • Introversion Is Not A Bad Word - Friday 7:00PM - Floor 2 Salon 3
    •  Does society reward extroverts? Do we marginalize introverts?
      Too often, introverts carry the negative label "anti-social" while
      extroverts are labeled with the positive "people person." With
      the SF community dominated by introverts, it's time to talk
      about the difference between "shy," "anti-social" and ""; the
      positive aspects of , and what we introverts can do to be better
      understood by our extroverted friends and colleagues who
      insist on pulling us out of our shell.
  • Criticism and Critique in the 21st Century - Saturday 11:00AM - Floor 2 Salon 4
    • Developments in social media and web 2.0 technology
      continue to blur the line between amateur and professional
      critics. As North American colleges and universities produce
      record numbers of graduates, the media consuming public is
      transforming itself into something that feels it ought to be
      included in larger critical conversations. The purpose of this
      panel would be to explore how professionals and amateurs
      work together to evaluate genre media,
  • All About Apple... Love or Hate - Saturday 2:00PM - Arctic 
    •  Flawless design or Flawless marketing?
  • The Future is Fascist: The Military Command Structure As The Preferred Form of Organization in SF - Sunday 10:00AM - Melville Room
    • While a hierarchical rank system may be the best form of
      organization for military spacecraft, it is not the way we
      organize everything in society. Why is this structure so
      prevalent within SF as the way to run, not just military units, but
      cities and whole societies? Is SF anti-democratic?
  • Lost Girl - Sunday 12:00PM - Arctic
    • As this show grows in popularity what does it mean for the
      future of Lost Girl? Now an international sensation, what
      makes this show a success?
And yes, I do find it very amusing that the first panel I'm going to be on is about introversion. The introvert part of my brain is currently screaming at me "What the hell are we doing!!!" but I'm currently drowning him out with positive thoughts of how much fun this is going to be.

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