Wednesday, August 31, 2016

CanCon 2016 Schedule

Here's my schedule for CanCon 2016. Hope to see you there!


8-9PM Unarmed Comparitive Martial Arts for Dummies and Writers

Basically an hour for martial arts geeks to wonk out over different unarmed arts and let you know how to make them sound believable in your writing. Prepare to have your preconceived notions shattered!


7-8PM What if vN Is Just The First Circle of Hell? The Dark Future of Sexuality

Fair warning, I doubt this panel will be full of unicorns and ponies and will likely get quite dark. Don't bring your kids and expect some controversial topics to be raised, discussed, and possibly deconstructed.


12-1PM Swordfighting 201

It's more than just sticking the other man with the pointy end. Expect some discussions and demos if there's room.

And that's it. I'll be wandering around the rest of the time so feel free to say hi!

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