Monday, October 12, 2009

Canadian Turkey Day!

So today is the Canadian Thanksgiving and what am I doing? Why revision of course!

Don't worry, I'm not missing out on any family time to do this. My family had Thanksgiving dinner last night so today was free for me to work on the Tesseracts project. After the feedback I received from Gary the revisions resulting from it have pushed the word count over 7k. I'm going to need to be careful that I don't push it any higher as at 7.5k the odds of it getting in become greatly reduced.

I like what I've added though. It gives the story more, well, texture. I've also placed more action at the beginning, and moved some needed exposition to a section that was a little lean. Overall I think this works better than the earlier versions. Now I just need to get it read by others to see how they react.

The plan this week is to work on something else while waiting for feedback. Maybe I'll start a new story, something in a different setting, or maybe I'll continue working on the setting for the current story, the one I intend to reuse. We'll just have to see.

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