Saturday, December 19, 2009

Keep on, Keeping On

First, let me just send out a quick thank you to David J. Thanks for the encouragement, and don't worry. The updates on the blog may be infrequent, but the work in the background continues.

So, where am I. Let's see. Currently have my second draft out to be read by friends so I can get some feedback and instead of waiting for it to come back I've started writing another story. This one is already shaping up to be interesting, as I want to use multiple viewpoints, including one that isn't even human, and switch between them over the story. Very cool, and a bit of a stretch for me. So far everything I've written has had one main viewpoint character and stayed with that one for the entire story. This should be interesting.

I don't foresee having much time to put up blog entries for the next little bit, what with all the holidaze coming up. What little extra time I have needs to be spent writing.

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