Sunday, December 6, 2009

Well So Much for Regular Updates

Heh, when I started this blog I promised myself I'd update it every Monday to keep a record of what I've been doing on the writing front, to motivate myself by putting my progress up in public (if anyone other than me is actually reading this). Last little bit hasn't been going according to schedule. I have been better about actually writing though. I've got the second draft about 60-70% done so at least progress is being made. Last week was tough as I felt like garbage all week, and after work I really just wanted to sleep, but I got some writing done even if it wasn't as much as I wanted. Next week will be better as I feel much improved and a lot of the Christmas stuff is out of the way. The gifts are wrapped and ready to go, and today I made homemade turtles for friends and coworkers. :)

On a side note, one of my favorite episodes of Deep Space Nine aired on Friday. Now, you may be wondering what an episode of a television show has to do with writing. Well, the episode was Far Beyond the Stars, where Captain Sisko has visions of being a science fiction writer in 1950s New York. If you've never seen it I recommend going out and finding a copy. I wanted to become a writer before I saw the episode, but it highlighted a lot of the reasons I wanted to become one. Sisko's dream/vision character of Benny Russell has drive and passion for what he does, and writes a story about a black captain in charge of a space station, in other words Captain Sisko, making this kind of a dream dreaming of a dream that is dreaming. Yeah, it gets confused. I loved it. Anyways, the episode goes on about Benny's fight to get his story published and ends on a tragic note, but it is such a moving story, I just can't find the words to express how it made me feel, how it still affects me. I want to write stories that do the same thing to others, that make them feel something so deep and primal, that move them in ways they never knew the could be moved.

Oh well, time to get back to work on that. It won't happen overnight, but it will happen.

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  1. Hi, KW. Believe it or not there ARE people reading your blog -- well, at least one, and I read several entries! I thought I would drop you a quick comment to let you know other writers are out there struggling along as well and to encourage you to tough it out.

    I saw some of your comments on Sawyer's blog and thought I would pay you a visit. Have you published any short stories on the web in the small/free ezines? That might be a good place to get started.

    Keep working, keep writing, and keep reading.

    -- david j.