Monday, August 1, 2011

10 Signs The Gym You Frequent Might Be Too Hot

10. There's an ambulance parked out front alongside a few tubs filled with ice, ready for any heat-stroke cases that "may" arise.

9. You look across the room and see a heat shimmer. It's less than ten feet away.

8. You turn the cold water on in the shower area and steam comes out.

7. There are puddles all over the gym floor. They're from people sweating.

6. Your clothing starts to fall off you because of heat expansion.

5. The cook from the restaurant down the way kicks you off a machine so he can use it to fry an egg since his grill is broken.

4. The cactus the owner has sitting in the window is a dried out husk. You saw him water it earlier today.

3. The free weight you're lifting keeps flopping around, as if it's made of rubber. You ask the owner when he got the new novelty weights. He says those are the sames one's he's always had.

2. You notice black, tar-like shoe prints all over the gym, then you realize there melted bits of your shoes.

And the number one sign that the gym you frequent might be too hot:

1. Satan is working out next to you and even he is complaining about the heat.

Have a good night everybody and keep hydrated!

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