Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Dork Review: Fright Night

So Saturday I ended up going to see Fright Night in 3D with my friend Jeff. Now, Jeff saw the original while I haven't yet, so he was able to make a comparison between this version and the original while I was not.

Either way, we both loved it.

First off, let me just say that Fright Night makes good use of 3D technology, which is rare for a live action film. To be honest, most of the films hyped as 3D really haven't taken advantage of it, while animated films presented in 3D have.

The film's intelligent use of 3D is make most clear in a chase scene about midway through. I'm not one to geek out about filming techniques (I'm much more into the story behind a movie) but this was well shot, used the 3D to good effect, and was actually scary. The way it was shot made the audience feel the same way the characters did. The drama of that scene was enhanced, so that rather than being just another car chase like we've all seen hundreds of times before, this was viscerally terrifying.

I enjoyed Conan last week, but could have watched it without the 3D. Watching Fright Night in 2D would have taken something away from it. I recommend you go and see this flick in the theater so that you can have the full experience. It is worth it.

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