Thursday, March 3, 2011

About Freaking Time!

Big news if you're a Song of Ice and Fire fan. The next novel in the series, A Dance with Dragons, is set to drop on shelves this July.

Man am I looking forward to this! It's only been six years since the last book of the series came out. I can understand needing some time between books to get things sorted out, but six freaking years is a long time. I hope with the HBO series coming out and it devoting a season to each book will push Mr. Martin to finish the last two in the series a little bit faster. You know, so there's only a space of say three years between each.

I kid, I kid. The writer half of me understands how hard it can be to get things flowing,  but the fanboy part of me is snarling and saying "more words now!"

Either way, I'm getting a copy in my grubby little hands as soon as possible.

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