Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Dork Review: Battle Los Angeles

Sometimes there's a wealth of choice when you want to go to the movies. There can be so many things you want to see that sometimes it's hard to choose.

Take tonight for instance. A couple of friends and myself planned to go out and see a movie, and it fell to me to decide since I was the one the made the suggestion of going and seeing something in the first place. Three contenders stood out, Rango, The Adjustment Bureau, and Battle Los Angeles.

Now from the title of this review it's obvious which one we went and saw. So, getting to the point, how was the movie?

Very good!

It was no King's Speech. There is no in depth study of character, no probing of the inner mind of a tormented individual. There are a couple of tormented individuals in this movie, but it less probing then dipping our toes into their thoughts that happens. The characterization is brief at best, but in this kind of movie that's alright, and what characterization is in there is handled well and is kept subtle, never overblown or out of place.

To sum it up, this is a military-sf movie, and a good one. Discussing it with my friends afterward we came to the conclusion that it was Independence Day with the majority of the jingoism pulled out. Yes, the main characters are U.S. Marines, and yes they do score a significant victory, but they aren't shown going around the planet pulling everyone else out of the fire. The focus of the movie is on one battle, in one place, with only glimpses of what's going out elsewhere in the world.

The movie showcases the Marines at their best without feeling like a recruiting film. These guys are scared shitless and shown that way, yet the still rise to the occasion. They go through hell and back.

If you're a fan of explosions and such, then go see this. The action is intense and almost non-stop, but it never seems gratuitous. There's always a reason why the bullets are flying, and these men aren't going out of their way looking for glory. They have a mission, and they see that through to the end.

If you want to kick of the summer action movie season a little bit early, then go see this flick. I'm glad I did, as I enjoyed it immensely.

(Edit: Forgot to put this in the original post. There are a couple wall banger moments in this movie, mostly involving the news broadcasts from the scientist. Be prepared for them, but don't let them detract from the mayhem.)

Next week I'm looking to go and see The Adjustment Bureau, so expect my opinion on that movie next week.

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