Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Dork Review: The Adjustment Bureau

As promised last week, here's my review of The Adjustment Bureau. And no, it's not a movie about an organization of chiropractors who go out offering spinal adjustments, as my one friend was jokingly describing it.

Hmmm... where to start on this movie. I enjoyed it. The pacing was good, it never seemed to drag along and the action and drama were engrossing. I think it does suffer a bit in my mind when compared to Battle: Los Angeles because it's not as intense an experience, but is more thoughtful and emotional. Feelings are what drive the plot in this movie as opposed to bullets.

That being said, I loved the argument put forth about free will versus determinism. The scene with David Norris, the protagonist and senator to be played by Matt Damon, and Thompson, the ultimate antagonist played by the menacing Terrence Stamp, arguing back and forth about it is one of the best in the whole film.

While this movie has definite protagonists and antagonists, there really isn't a villain. Thompson is very, very determined to make sure David goes back on plan, but his tactics rely more upon fear and frustration than actual violence, leading up to a very emotional scene between David and Elise, played by the absolutely gorgeous Emily Blunt.

I had another reason to go and see this movie though. Years ago, while listening to the song Karma Police by Radiohead I had a very similar idea to this movie, where a character discovers the underlying workings of Fate and fights against it. Now, my idea is not exactly the same, but I wanted to see this movie to see how it was done in this case so that when I finally go to write my story I avoid making it the same or too close and people think I'm just ripping off this movie.

I recommend going and seeing The Adjustment Bureau if you're looking for something a bit more thoughtful and emotional before the summer action movies burst out onto movie screens.

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