Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Publishing and Professionalism Go Hand in Hand People

Seriously, does this even need to be said?

In case you missed it, check out this, ahem, lovely discussion thread where an author has a freaking meltdown over a bad review.

Read it? Ok, then.

All I can say is wow, who pissed in her Cheerios? I mean, whatever happened to grace and decorum? When did swearing at potential customers and making a complete ass of yourself online become a business strategy? Questions such as these vex me, they do.

No, not really at all. The truth is, a lot of people seem to think that writing is easy and that they'd be a genius at it, and once that happy fantasy is popped like a cheap balloon they have trouble coping and tend to lash out. I'd bet any money that the "author" linked above has never worked a job where she had to smile politely and resist the urge to reach over and strangle someone, as evidence by the complete freakout she has over valid criticism. Instead of taking it as a learning experience she reacted with hostility. I was unlikely to read her book beforehand, now, after seeing this, I won't touch anything she writes with a ten foot pole carried by my personal helper monkey. (Not that I have one yet, as they're on back order.)

Maybe I should send her my rules for getting along with people?

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